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Ricky Phillips: Former bass player for The Babys, Bad English, and Coverdale/Page
Excerpt from about About Ricky page:
At a certain point, he knew he had to make his move to either New York or Los Angeles. He ended up in Los Angeles with a suitcase, a bass, a guitar and 20 borrowed dollars in his pocket. He auditioned for a high profile LA band and got the gig. That gig got him the exposure he needed. Marc Salter, who was working for the British band The Babys, saw Ricky play. John Waite was replacing himself as The Babys' bassist so he could concentrate purely on fronting the band. [continued below]
The Babys
Wally Stocker
lead guitar
Jonathan Cain
John Waite
lead vocals
Ricky Phillips
bass guitar
Tony Brock

Pics of Ricky
Salter tracked Ricky down and brought Waite to meet him in a Hollywood music store where Ricky had begun working for $100 a week. Phillips recalls, "I grabbed a bass off the wall...price tag swinging and walked across the street where they'd been holding auditions for three weeks. We played two new songs 'HEAD FIRST' and 'RUN TO MEXICO' and then Waite, Cain, and myself sang the chorus to 'ISN'T IT TIME' and something else... I don't remember what... They left the room for five minutes and came back with their manager Chip Rachlin and asked me to join the band."

In Ricky's words:
For me The Babys was the best musical experience of my life. It was five guys rocking out, playing, and writing music at all hours. John Waite would say, "Ricky, I don't care if its 3:00 AM...if you've got a song in your head we'll put the coffee on and go for it". Wally would give me idea tapes with so many good musical bits on it I wouldn't know where to start. Playing as a rhythm section with Tony was magic. Jonathan, who we called Jay in those days, was like my big brother. We were constantly touring, hosting television shows, chasing women, and indulging in things we would eventually have to quit...but I wouldn't change any of it.

Chrysalis Records was too small of a label to handle its talent so we really only sold records when we were on the road. We got airplay with no problem and were also a great opening act so we always got the opening spot on whatever the top grossing tour in the country was. We would set out to win over the fans of whatever band we opened for. You could chart our record sales according to what part of the country we were touring. The frustrating thing for us was to go into record stores and find our label hadn't shipped product. Eventually problems like this would affect the band internally and we threw in the towel. The memories however are still golden and I'll always love those guys like brothers.

The Babys band members were: Ricky Phillips (bass guitar), John Waite (lead vocals), Jonathan Cain (keyboards) , Wally Stocker (lead guitar), and Tony Brock (percussion).

The Babys notable albums include: Union Jacks, Head First, On The Edge

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