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Ricky Phillips: Former bass player for The Babys, Bad English, and Coverdale/Page
Ricky on Bad English:
"After Jonathan Cain's brother got married, some of us went up to the top of a vineyard in Saratoga California. It was there that Jonathan Cain(Journey) told me the press would soon find out Journey was no more. Jonathan asked me if I'd be interested in doing a band with the rock attitude of The Babys again. I told him I was in and we agreed to search out possible singers and guitarists.
Deen Castronovo
John Waite
lead vocals
Neal Schon
lead guitar
Ricky Phillips
bass guitar
Jonathan Cain
While Jonathan was out promoting a record he had produced for Michael Bolton, I was in Los Angeles looking for band members. About two weeks later, Jonathan called me from New York and said he had run into John Waite(The Babys) and that they had dinner the night before. One thing led to another and within a short period of time the three of us found ourselves in San Francisco writing what would become the first Bad English record.
Ricky Phillips    
  Finding a guitar player...
When we realized that the three ex Babys still sounded pretty good together we started searching for a complimentary guitarist. We recorded daily in Cain's studio and occasionally called Neal Schon(Journey) to come over and blow down some solos. It didn't take long to realize Neal was the perfect choice but he was in the middle of a solo record and wasn't sure he wanted to jump into another band just yet. Just as we were about to hire someone else, Neal flew to Los Angeles and threw his hat in the ring.
Neal Schon    
  The first CD...
Recording the first CD was relatively painless and we hit the road for 11 months straight. Sometimes opening and sometimes headlining. 'FORGET ME NOT' broke into the top forty as our first single. 'WHEN I SEE YOU SMILE' shot to #1 while 'BEST OF WHAT I GOT' went to #1 on the Rock Chart. 'POSSESSION' stalled out at #16 and 'THE PRICE OF LOVE' blew by it to #3. 'HEAVEN IS A FOUR LETTER WORD' followed to top 5 Rock Chart and 32 CHR. Some people felt our best song had not been released yet but it was time to think of another record.
1st CD - Bad English    
  The second CD...
The follow up CD was very dark. Probably too quick of a change for radio and the fans but it was very reflective of us at the time. We were growing in many different directions. Neal and I were writing rough edged rock while the two Johns were taking a somewhat softer approach. We threw in the towel before it had even been mixed so its release was less than eventful. Strangely enough, months later, a song I had written with John Waite and my friend Jesse called 'TIME STOOD STILL' became a hit in Europe and the theme song for Heineken Beer in Holland.
2nd CD - Backlash    
  Bad English at its core rocked hard and we had some wild times around the globe. I have great respect for the musicianship of everyone in that band. Right or wrong everyone forged his own musical style...and that's Rock n' Roll. When it worked it was pretty amazing."
The Band   Bad English band members were: Ricky Phillips (bass guitar), John Waite (lead vocals), Jonathan Cain (keyboards), Neal Schon (lead guitar), Deen Castronovo (percussion).
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