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Ricky Phillips: Former bass player for The Babys, Bad English, and Coverdale/Page
  Ricky is very busy these days playing live, writing and recording new music, working with and developing new musical talent, and participating in other musical related events. This page lists some of the projects he is currently working on.
Tomasina Abate
Tomi is a hot new artist Ricky is currently developing.
Tomasina Abate Tomasina Abate Click here to listen to
a sample of her song:

Love Will Turn
This World Around

56k Modem


is required

Tomasina Abate
  Ronnie Montrose Live Tour
Ricky just completed another successful live tour with Ronnie Montrose during the month of May, 2003.
  Pictures From Creedence Clearwater Revisited Live Tour
Ricky Phillips in New Zealand with Credence Clearwater Revisited
Ricky Phillips in New Zealand with Credence Clearwater Revisited
  Creedence Clearwater Revisited Live Tour
Ricky will be touring in New Zealand and Australia this January with
Creedence Clearwater Revisited. Steve Gunner, the bands keyboardist,
Harp, percussionist, and acoustic guitar player will take a short leave of
absence while he and his wife are expecting their second child. The band
includes original members Doug "Cosmo" Clifford and Stu Cook with Elliot
Easton of "The Cars" on guitar. They have been touring regularly for the
past eight years world wide.
  Ronnie Montrose Live Tour
Ricky just completed a successful live tour with Ronnie Montrose during the month of November, 2002.
  Stephanie Eitel
Stephanie EitelRicky has been developing an artist from Chattanooga Tennessee by the name of Stephanie Eitel. The project is called Stephanie Eitel and Red Delicious. The sound is current and rooted in Pop, Rock, Soul and Blues. "I discovered Stephanie while writing and producing music for an all girl pop group. I had been working for the managers for some time when quite unexpectedly one of the girls dropped out to go to college. After what seemed like hundreds of auditions later, Stephanie walked into my studio and sang 'KILLING ME SOFTLY' acapella. I was stunned by her casual soulful tone and delivery. She was definitely a cut above. My immediate thought was...what a waste to put her in a kiddy pop vocal group. As it turned out, she and the managers couldn't come to terms contractually. Months later we got together and decided to explore her voice and I began to create music to compliment her style. We hit a home run immediately with a song called 'A TASTE OF LOVE DEVINE' but the next couple of songs weren't quite as obvious so we wrote and rewrote in search of a sound unique to Stephanie. Now we have a style and range of material we are wildly excited about and nearly ready to shop."
  Major Motion Picture - Signs
Ricky was recently acquisitioned to write a short musical piece for the movie Signs released in August.
  Juliet Quinten Archard
Juliet Quinten ArchardJuliet is a rock singer currently under developement.
  All Star Jam
Ricky recently jammed at the Key Club with Steve Stevens, Steve Lukather, Brian Tishy (drummer w/Billy Idol) and Kellie Hansen (singer, Hurricane). They kicked off an All Star jam before judging the Guitar Center sponsored - "Guitarmegedon".
  NAMM Show 2002 Performance Review
NAMM Show 2002 Performance ReviewRicky recently played at the after hours NAMM Concert 2002. This is a review of the concert.
  Forrest Blackburn
Forrest BlackburnRicky was hired to play bass on the Forrest Blackburn CD. The project then moved to Ricky's studio and he recorded/engineered the vocals and instrumental overdubs as well. "Forrest and I hit it off musically and I think my studio has a club house vibe he liked. It's a very casual environment singers seem to be especially safe and comfortable in." Forrest Blackburn and Ricky Phillips


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